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Waterworld II: Escape From Dryland

from Something Something Pinball by Test Dream



Drew back a breath and then I picked up the phone
I always try to be polite
I know that I can be soft spoken
And I know it doesn't change a thing about who or what I am
But about 8 times out of 10 they call me ma'am
And sometimes when I feel brave
I lower my voice so they know they were mistaken
But most times I just get real nervous
and try to get through it before they notice.

I know I'm a doctor
But I'm scared to see the doctor
because I know all of the tests they'd run
And the unhealthy way I'm living
would be filed and documented
and I'd be made to stand for all the shit I've done
Because once you get results there's no more lying to yourself like you've got time
That you'll get yourself together
You'll be better than than you are
when things slow down
We all fucking know by now things don't slow down

I grew up in the light or in the shadow of a light
of someone I was told would always act in love
Then I grew up in a world that is so heartbreakingly broken
I don't know what to believe in anymore
But sometimes when I'm afraid
I lower my head
And send out hope for something better
But most times it feels like
I sent a message in a bottle
Into an ocean with no direction


from Something Something Pinball, released June 13, 2014




Test Dream Elizabethton, Tennessee

We make loud music for our friends.

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