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The Lost City of Nanda Parbat

from Something Something Pinball by Test Dream



This skin, it used to cling to me
Like a young love
Like a shirt outgrown
Now when I move it's not a simple thing
All creaks and shadows of a former grace
I want to run but i don't have the breath
Senses are dull but I remember the taste
Of you that summer like a lucid dream
The light reflected off the tv screen
Your mother's living room, we made our plans
We never stood a chance

When I used to run
A fire in my bones
The burn let me know I was building something
Now I'm laying down
So selfish and free
But I'm not the person I thought I'd be

All those parts of me you cared about never died
They just pack up and leave
I get their baggage in the mail sometimes, when they get lost in between flights
So now I'm boarding a train
with a map pieced together from postcards, luggage tags, and itineraries
I'll pull myself together
And when I arrive
New lines on my face from the sun and the road and the spray of the ocean,
you'll say, "There you are, sweet boy
Just the way I remembered."


from Something Something Pinball, released June 13, 2014




Test Dream Elizabethton, Tennessee

We make loud music for our friends.

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